Competitiveness and Innovation are the two engines that boost the economy, all the more in uncertain growth times (see UK & German political focus on innovation fostering). The challenge of the innovation services to be offered need to achieve:

  • Attractiveness: Offering added value services not available yet ;
  • Reliability: robust, bug free and stable code is one key commercial asset;
  • Efficiency: high performance is expected from End-Users.

Headquartered in Versailles, France, VIOTECH conceives, develops and markets high added-value services and applications designed to meet people’s expectations in terms of communications, information and security within the booming Digital Home Networking Market. Towards this, VIOTECH proposes software and hardware innovative solutions that enable audiovisual and multimedia transmission over digital networks, including IP multicasting over WLAN and Intranets inside homes and companies.

At the core of our work, new communication architectures and protocols supporting multimedia and mobility over the Internet, together with intelligent Internet services, are essential as well as human-computer (user awareness) & P2P interaction and personalization capabilities.
Technologies involved range from IPTV, DVB, MPEG-based, RTP, SIP, Web Services, UPnP/DLNA, to IP Multimedia Subsystem, and Content-Aware Networks.
Recently VIOTECH solutions include:

  • Enhanced Linux-based Home Gateways;
  • Media Center applications;
  • Graphical Interface toolkits.
From 2006 to this date, VIOTECH has grown to achieve innovative challenges, continuously establishing co-operation within high-level European and national R&D programmes (EC FP7 & Eureka, France ANR), or directly with other European companies and research institutes all towards the ambitious aim:

The provision of complementary technologies in the fields of Digital Multimedia Distribution.

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  • Media Content Exchange & Creation
  • Familiar User Interface
  • Seamless Video Streaming
  • Managed Services
  • Personal Media Cloud