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Stream your videos at cheaper costs - And with better Quality.

MS-STREAM provides a cutting-edge solution for video streaming, for the great benefit of both consumers and providers.

One goal: to compose the best viewing experience for the End-User. To this end, we consider multiple and diverse content sources simultaneously for enhancing the viewers' quality AND the reliability of delivery.

MS-STREAM is pragmatic, lightweight, decoder-standard compliant (H264, H265, …), and greatly outperforms existing DASH or HLS solutions, while being at the same time fully compatible with them.

Increasing the Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered to end-users, while reducing the high streaming deployment costs induced by CDNs is today #1 concern of video streaming providers. MS-Stream is an innovative evolutionary solution helping streaming providers to overcome this major challenge. 

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Unlike existing HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) protocols that always bind clients to a unique server for the delivery of one video segment; MS-Stream operates multiple source servers simultaneously. Hence QoE is enhanced by benefiting from expanded bandwidth, link diversity and reliability in multiple-source environments. Any type of content source can participate to the streaming sessions, including the ones that are not currently used in the content delivery chain, such as Set-Top boxes, cheap commodity devices, users devices, datacenters from cloud providers and ISPs, etc.

The number of servers operated by the client&apostrophe;s is an evolving parameter during the streaming session. An intelligent scheduler located inside the MS-Stream client accommodates the contribution of each MS-Stream server according to the observed network throughput on each path, the playout buffer occupancy, as well as the target video bitrate.

Upon clients requests, MS-Stream servers generate specific independent codec-compliant playable and aggregatable video sub-segments (referred as descriptions) from the existing set of already-encoded content representations stored into the content servers. When retrieved, the requested sub-segments are used to reconstruct the expected content quality. Additionally, smooth video playback is ensured even in the event of sub-segment loss or out-dated delivery.

As a whole, MS-Stream is a pragmatic lightweight codec-compliant (H264, H265) and MPEG-DASH-compliant solution. Studies revealed that MS-Stream outperforms existing HAS solutions in terms of video quality bitrate at client side, start-up delay, rebuffering events and quality fluctuations.

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