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We'll be présent at the T-NOVA meeting, will take place in Milan from 3rd to 6th february
We'll be present the 23 and 24 April for the DELTA meeting held in Macerata.

CES Unveiled Event Series Abroad: 2014 Dates Announced

New events scheduled in Shanghai, Warsaw and São Paulo;
will also return to Paris
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Apple unveils Smartwatch, its first new Product in 4 Years.

To know every things about the Keynote 2014 it's here.

Depeche AFP

Le Conseil d'Etat a formulé mardi 50 propositions pour répondre aux mutations les plus récentes d'internet tout en garantissant les libertés et en préservant l'innovation.

Tata Communications conducted an online survey wherein a set of 14 closed questions were administered, aimed at capturing the behavioural, technical and philosophical responses with regards to the Internet.